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Public Law

Public Law

Local Government

Like all other organizations that buy products, provide services, enter into contracts, and employ workers, government entities face a wide range of legal issues every day.  With a commitment to excellence, the lawyers at DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder offer a full-service practice with the breadth and depth required to effectively assist and get results for public sector clients at the federal, state and local level.
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Civil Rights / Gov’t Liability

DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder is dedicated to defending the integrity and reputation of public officials, public employees, municipalities and government agencies. Our lawyers provide all of the legal services that are necessary to help municipalities and local governments function and defend themselves from wrongful accusations. DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder’s attorneys work to protect the rights and interests of governmental entities including police departments, individual officers, cities, villages, townships, and counties. Read more…

Land Use / Zoning

DiCaudo, Pitchford & Yoder has proven expertise in the area of land use and zoning. The identity and character of a community is often dictated by growth, development, land use and zoning regulations that are established by elected officials. Our team of lawyers has extensive knowledge in the laws governing the rights of local governments to implement land use and zoning controls in balance with the property rights of those wanting to develop. The proper development and implementation of planning tools and ordinances allow local governments to best prepare for and address the demands that development brings. Read more…