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Labor / Employment

Labor / Employment

Today, an employer’s largest exposure to liability is through employee disputes involving the Civil Rights Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and additional state and federal statutes. For these reasons, companies, municipalities and even individuals need legal counsel knowledgeable with the nuances of employer-employee relationship.

The best way to avoid employment litigation on the back end is to hire properly on the front end. This means exercising due diligence and background checks prior to hiring. Our employment attorneys assist clients in setting up procedures to best manage the hiring, disciplinary and risk management process.

Our firm is equally experienced in more traditional employment matters, whether it be employment policies, handbooks, and non-compete agreements.  Similarly, our attorneys provide training to management and employees on issues involving state and federal constitutional and statutory matters and specific areas such as sexual harassment and age, racial, gender and other types of discrimination. This proactive approach helps our clients avoid the costs and uncertainty of drawn-out litigation and trials.

When it comes time to end the employment relationship, our attorneys can also provide termination counseling, severance agreements, and work to manage any wrongful termination or unemployment claim.

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